A perfect party

by Kate Djupe

My kids will be invited to a lot of parties that will make our own feel small and simple.

I love this.

I love that they will have friends with different experiences to share.

We all should be so lucky!

I also love that I classified some part of our lives as simple. And small.

Our life rarely feels simple or small.


Yesterday, we went to Field of Dreams Equine Education Center for the most perfect party I could never have imagined.

What are the makings of a perfect party for 2-6 year olds (and probably older kids, as well)?

A playground hidden in the woods

A creek to skip stones

Controlled horse and pony rides in a safe, comfortable, and beautiful environment 

Games to familiarize the kids with horses and horse training

Brushing the horses (my own kiddo's favorite part)

Finger painting a horse

Showering a horse

Fences to climb

Cats to chase

Popsicles and yogurt snacks

Horse kisses

In short, a variety of actitivies with just the right amount of structure - none of which last long enough for kids to get bored - and some freedom for exploration.

They do birthday parties for all ages, have horse camps for 7-16 year old kids, riding lessons and can be reserved for moms and dads group visits (at a discount!).

They do everything for kids of all ages and they do it so so so well. My only suggestion for you: take bug spray and a camera.

Field of Dreams Equine Education Center is located in the Blacklick/New Albany area. Call Jennifer at 614.864.9500 to set up a visit.

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid (or even asked) to write this post. It was just that good of a party.