An alternative #NOPHO

by Kate Djupe

Photo challenges like #NOPHO are restricted to images taken in a very limited time period (like the day, week, or month that the challenge is being hosted). These challenges really push me to get out and take photos each day (which is wonderful) and to really think about the assignment .

Perhaps it is because I have been sorting and cleaning out my photo archives, but I am drawn to the idea of using older photos - each taken with different motivation - for these newly selected themes. A repurposing, if you will.

Because I knew that I could spend hours or days doing this, I limited myself to 30 distracted minutes.

Week #1: Arranged

Week #2: Comfy & Cozy

Week #3: Elegant

Week #4: Negative Space

I'm going to be running this exercise through my mind for a while, I am sure.