Baking lessons

by Kate Djupe

I had my second baking lesson last night. 

I loved everything about it (the feel of dough! the smell of bread! the sound of giggling!)and will surely share much of what I learned in time.

In the mean time, here are three new to me things:

A distillation experiment! I don't think I am sophisticated enough to truly appreciate what Dave is doing with whisky... yet. There is hope for me though, I just know it.


The reason behind the whole evening:

I am trying to remember all of the lessons and tips on docking, resting time, proofing, baking, shaping, etc that Dave gave me because I want every loaf to turn out as delicious as this one did.


And these special treats to get me through the proofing time for that bread:

These pistachio-almond pavés from  Pâtisserie Lallier made me so very happy (so did the pistachio/dark chocolate macarons)!  Check out Michelle's facebook page for information about where the goodies can be found or how to place an order (like I did).