Stuck up

by Kate Djupe

I have a habit of looking up.

This is not something that I have been aware of doing until recently.

I discovered it while decluttering my life (which includes hard drives). There was a picture of chandeliers here, a ceiling there, clouds - and then I noticed that there were photos of up everywhere.

I recognize others' tics - my husband takes photo after photo of snags, my dad clasps his hands and inserts pauses for dramatic effect, Carrie (SJP) starts every sentence with "I couldn't help but wonder" - but I depend on others to point out my own. Like how I start many responses with "Yeah, no" or something that my loved ones call "polar bearing".

It feels novel to identify my own tic.

Now that I know I do it, I see it everywhere. I did it here twice and here. Maybe you already noticed?

Do you have pixelated tics?