I want to learn to sew

by Kate Djupe

I like to make things.


After I made some babies, I figured I could make just about anything.

I might have found the exception and that bothers me because I want to make this. I WANT TO MAKE THIS. I feel a deep rooted need to make this.

Crazy quilts were made during the late 1800s/early 1900s according to the little information posted near two of these quilts at the Ohio Historical Society.

Scraps of fabric were pieced into nine blocks before fancy stitches were sewn over each seam. To finish, some of the fabric pieces were embellished with lace, paint or stitches.

Do you know what gives me hope? My very first search into the hows of crazy quilting resulted in the following introduction: "If you've done patchwork or counted thread embroidery, throw most of what you know in the corner for now. There are no rules here, only creative flaws. It doesn't matter what the back of your block looks like, and it's ok if your stitches aren't all the same size or going in the same direction. No Inhibitions!"

Which I read as, "Your lack of experience is great! You cannot screw this up! Something something stitches something! No inhibitions!"

But something about those stitches tells me that they don't actually mean *I* can do it.

I have a goal.

First step, learn to thread a needle. After that, I might need a sewing mentor or three.