Molded and Bowled-ed (and Non-Newtonian Fluids): The menu from the latest CMH Dinner Club

by Kate Djupe

 (art by Carl Acampado)

There were a few more rules than normal for the fourth CMH Dinner Club: 

1a. Your dish had to be moldable.


1b. Your dish had to be served in a bowl.


1c. Your dish just had to be delicious.


1d. Your dish had to be a Non-Newtonian Fluid.


1e. Your dish had to actually be alcohol and not a food dish at all. 

These wines were provided by Natalie and were blended and labeled at Camelot Cellars

2. Don't touch the black cat.

The spread:

Lori's spiked coffee jello shots

Other drinks were provided by Elena (Andrew's orange punch), Lori (and her well stocked liquor cabinet) & JimMolly was the evening mixologist.

(picture by Elena)

There was gin. I tried it. So very juniper-y.


Amber's borscht

Anne & K's bagna cauda (olive oil, butter, anchovies & garlic - and the veggies for dipping)

Christy's devilled eggs 2 ways: traditional and tweaked for spring

Heather's matzo ball soup

Jim & Emily's asparagus, ramp, Blue Jacket dairy cheddar curd salad w/ roasted pepper dressing

Jim & Emily's pork terrine (inspired by Michael Ruhlman's book)

Kate, PaulBethia & Bear's meaty timpano (inspired by The Big Night; recipe forthcoming)

KatePaulBethia & Bear's veggie timpano (being unmolded by Andy)

Katie's oden soup with daikon, hard boiled eggs, chikuwa, konnyaku (devil's tongue or yam cake) and mochi-kinchaku (mochi purse)

Lori's hot & sour soup (it was even a vegetarian version made completely out of love)

Molly's parmesan creme brulee and bleu cheese leek creme brulee


And for the sweet tooth:

Peeps (because there werw some people that had never eaten a peep before. Can you believe? The caves these people must be living in... wha?)

Amber's butternut squash & maple custard with candied ginger

Anne & K's Chinese mango pudding 

Anne & K's vegetarian Chinese mango soup

Bethia's summer pudding

Bethia's Christmas pudding - straight from the drawer to the unmolding and then set on fire

Carl's jello mold

Jim & Emily's chocolate, brandy, cherry & pistachio terrine

Kate's red velvet creme brulee

Lori's plum cake

Michael's cream puffs

Scott & Chad's lemon & rosemary sandwich cookies (Recipe here)

Talcott's historically accurate cross-section of sedimentary layers (made of chocolate and cookies) complete with white chocolate dinosaur bones

Valerie's green octopus & Swedish fish ocean/jello diorama

Zach's sous vide chocolate pudding and creme anglaise


And the people? Well, at these dinners, there are always incredible people to meet and fun stories to be made. 


Note: the next dinner will be May 21. Location to be announced later. The theme will be Grilled and Chilled: from Fire to Freezer. Join the conversation happening here or tell me some of your Grilled and Chilled ideas.

Note - we will accept new follower requests for @CMHDinnerClub  (and CMH Dinnerclub on FB) once we have a location determined. That account exists solely to send out the event address. More info about that here.

If you want to make the art for the event, let me know!