Showcase of Crusted Arts

by Kate Djupe

(art by MichaelCoyote)


The rules for the third CMH Dinner Club dinner were simple:

1. Show up with a dish that had a crust and a filling.

2. Enjoy yourself.


The savory spread:

I'm going to attempt to tell you what you are looking at (correct me where I need it, please). From the bottom left and moving clockwise:

Jim & Emily's English pork pie

Talcott's Goat cheese and root vegetable pizza

Mike & Katie's Turkey and leek pie

Cheese pies from Salam Bakery

Katie Rowell's vegetarian mini pies

(we are moving to the top of the right side of the photo now)

Spicy meat pies from  Salam Bakery

Paul's & my Spanakopita

Anne & Kevin's Chicken pot pie

Debra & Greg's Crab and shrimp with pimento cheese biscuits on top

Bethia's Fish pie (cod, smoked haddock, prawns topped with crusty mashed potatoes)

Not shown in this photo:

Carl's Hot pockets (and lean pockets)

Jennifer's Pierogis (butter & sour cream dough; rosemary, garlic, onion filling)

Christy's Salt crusted fish

Lori's Pastrami

Michael's Fish galette

Paul's Sriracha (not a pie, but worth a mention)

I know!


And the sweet spread:

From the bottom left and moving clockwise:

Carl's Banana and chocolate ganache pie

Jim & Emily's Cardamom buttermilk pie bruled

Debra & Greg's Hershey's pie

Jim & Emily's Cardamom buttermilk pie

Molly's Meyer lemon tart with bittersweet chocolate layer

Jenny's World famous clementine pie with graham cracker crust

Paul's & my Wayward Seed peach and child tear infused blueberry pie

Valerie's Pecan octopi (get it?)

Zach's Corn syrup-less pecan pie with Bourbon whipped cream


Amazing, right? Let me show you more:

Christy's salt crusted fish is a must repeat. The flesh that was closest to the blood oranges was so incredible, moist and delicious that I cannot think of it without my stomach growling.

And her skills made for a beautiful unveiling:


These are the last known photos of pie before it was devoured:

This is my attempt to fit all of the desserts onto one little plate:

The people! Oh the people! I don't have many pictures of people. I got caught up in conversations and drink mixing. I cornered myself in the kitchen so I could keep picking at the fish and the pastrami; so I could taste my first French 75 and down the Blood Orangecello.

I am sure that there are plenty of stories for the other guests to share.

I'll leave this with the view from where I stood (and only including people that let me find them in my viewfinder):

I don't know what the next dinner will be, but it has a high bar to clear. Molly & Christy were incredible hosts, all of the cooks were skilled beyond belief; the drinks were delicious; conversation mighty fine and event name impressive. 

Thank you everyone!