Takoyaki from Fresh Street!

by Kate Djupe

Takoyaki is a Japanese fried or grilled dumpling usually filled with octopus. Watching Fresh Street use their special grill pans is fascinating and intimidating. But the flavors and the different fillings that they offer are anything but intimidating.: kimchi (my favorite), sweet corn, mozzarella, short ribs, octopus, scallops...

Each takoyaki is topped with takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, pickled ginger, scallions, tempura flakes, bonito flakes and/or aosa ko (dried seaweed).

Fresh Street is going to be selling their Takoyaki out of Mikey's Late Night Slice at 1038 North High Street every day except Tuesday from 11am - 6pm starting TODAY!

Get thee some (but save me some kimchi).


Update: For more info, check out this post by one of my favorite people.