Thankful for the Columbus Museum of Art

by Kate Djupe

The pre-kid versions of Paul & Kate thought we would have kids and they would join us on all of our trips to important places: museums, restaurants, shows, and mountaintops. 

Art Institute, Chicago, IL

When our kids were born, we managed to make it to all of these places (and more!). We were so proud and righteous!

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Clarification: we were able to do this while we had one kid and he was tiny.

Art Institute, Chicago, IL

Once we had two kids and they were more whiny than tiny, our adventures shifted to loud, active, dirty, outdoor pursuits. Now that our boys are loud and vibrating with energy and now that we are aware of our parental limits, we don't make it to those amazing places nearly as much as we had hoped.

Space Needle, Seattle, WA (right before we got in trouble)

In part, this is because it is a lot of work to make their big personalities fit into those fine places comfortably and respectfully.

Field Museum, Chicago, IL

And it is exhausting to find opportunities to say "yes" when the rules are so dependent on control of one's body.

the water fountain near the bathrooms at the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA 

Basically, it costs real money to take a family of four somewhere; enough money that it doesn't feel okay to leave when things are just not working.

Harvard Museum of Natural History, Cambridge, MA

This is why I love love love free admission Sundays at the Columbus Museum of Art.

We have taken the boys to the that museum two times in as many months. We have plans to go back next month.

We haven't lasted longer than forty five minutes yet and that is okay. It matters to me that my family made it. We saw some things and used our minds. We interacted with the art in thoughtful ways (because CMA is pretty amazing in this way).

And we even found some ways to get the energy out while we there.

An entire room of yes at the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH

All of that in less than an hour! For free!

I am over the moon excited that we can socialize our kids with small visits to important places! And I feel righteous now that museums are not just for dates any more.