The 2011 Cherry Season

by Kate Djupe

We picked 5 different types of cherries:

Sour cherries

Sweet cherries

Rainier cherries >
Black cherries
Queen Anne cherries

My favorite changes daily.


These 60+ pounds of cherries =

Plenty of cherries for snacking

Plenty of cherries for sharing

Boozy cherry pies

Cherry pit liqueur

Cherry shrub: Version 1

Cherry shrub: Version 2

Cherry syrup

Cherry ice cream (possibly a cherry crisp ice cream a la Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams 2008 Bake Shop)

Cherry vanilla blood orange curd

Pickled cherries

Cherry shiso vinegar and cherry balsamic vinegar

Cherry salsa

and more pies, cobblers and grunts


I'll update the list as these adventures are documented but from this side of all of that work, I worry that we didn't pick enough.