I like to sleep on mountains

I like to sleep on mountains

I can easily write about all of the things that I love: food, photography, gardening, hiking, reading, firetrucks, books, research, short stories, parenting and crafts. But I struggle to write a short, witty blurb about myself that does not come across as forced and awkward. So here is what you might need to know in this blog world:


Any recipes that I share have been made at least a half dozen times and are in permanent rotation in our kitchen.

Any drinks that I make are inspired by people that know more about mixology than I do.

Any insects you see are found in my own yard; animals are from our visits to other places; legos were constructed in our very own living room, etc. Impressive, I know.

I generally "like" my own things. Not right when I write them but later, when I reread them. You might consider liking them too. Any time works for me.

I take all of my photos except when I don't (and then I will tell you all about my husband's talents with the camera). You can ask me before you use my photos somewhere else. I'm nice like that.

If this is not enough for you, you can:

and most importantly (to me), tell me about you.