Day 23: A day of rest

by Kate Djupe

Honestly, last night was not all cute bathtime pictures and happy times. It sort of sucked. 

Correction: It really really sucked.

There was a 3 hour round trip to get an air mattress or two. There was an out of control boy. There were sad times.

We needed a new plan. So today, we decided to sit on our butts and let the kids play. 

When they got restless, we took a super short walk from our campsite, down a hill to put our feet in a stream. Before our feet touched the water, it had been rated the most delicious water in Oregon in 2004. No seriously. 

Some Paul flowers and snags and logs:

And we ended the evening by taking a quick trip up to the lake. Yup. Still iunbelievably beautiful.

While Paul and I tried to take it all in one last time, the boys worked together to fill a "train tender" with sticks and rocks.

Okay, today was a good recovery day.