Day 26: The Pacific Ocean!

by Kate Djupe

Warning: this is a seriously photo-centric post.

Today we (re)learned that Magellan GPS devices don't work well in Portland, rarely include State Parks, and almost never include small towns - particularly the ones that we want to visit. I bet smartphone users don't have these problems.

So, if this is your problem, here are some directions on how to see the Pacific Ocean:

1. drive west until you run out of land

2. look for signs that will point you in the direction of parking

Alternate directions include:

  • hike until you feel water on your toes; 
  • stop at every road side stand to buy cherries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries (it is a banner berry year in the Pacific Northwest), chanterelle mushrooms, and 1 of 60 types of jerky (60 types? I can only think of 6 possible jerkied animals);
  • use an atlas (sucker).

We did all of this with my cousin and her family. That brought our adventure team up to: 4 adults, 3 kids, and 1 seven month baby-to-be.

If I had my way, I would only ever visit the ocean on this side of our country. It is just so beautiful. And magical. The beach, those rocks, the clouds that roll in and out, the sea lions and gulls, the forest that lines the coast... magical.

We hiked one mile through a forest and down a cliff onto a crescent of a beach. 

And as soon as we hit the beach, our kiddos ran straight for the water (they never did that in the Outer Banks).

And then they rolled in the sand.

And according to the photos we took, each of the adults managed to take some time to stare and contemplate and relax.

She is pregnant folks. Pregnant. Pregnant, hiking, not complaining, hilarious, patient and contemplating. Amazing woman.

How could you not when the view looks like this:

Some ocean treasures:

Last call for fun:

And a few more treasures we "discovered" on the hike back to the car: