Day 28: 320 miles and 2 states with an extra person

by Kate Djupe

Things we accomplished on our way to our next "home":

1. We saw Multnomah Falls!

2. We tasted wine throughout Washington wine country - starting with the best winery and ending with, well, something else all together! (I am not posting pictures in the order that we visited.)

He might not know how to read, but he does know where to direct this family.

Our boys wanted to smell what we were up to. Paul asked Bear what he smelled and he said something like "strawberries in the grass" and it was a pretty dead-on descriptor. Proud parents right here.

3. I finally managed to teach the truffle pig to point instead of pick all of the ripe fruits.

There are a lot of photos of the kids rolling down hills and playing around the vines and lying in dog beds and shots of our environs because you cannot actually do wine tastings with kids around. Wineries will let them in the door but kids will do everything in their power to get kicked out - they will scream, run, get awfully close to the expensive bottles, pound, wrestle, whine... so I explored with the kids while the big folks got their drink on. Do you know how you can tell when Paul has been drinking wine? He asks you to take photos like this:

And manages not to giggle so much while the shutter clicks away. I love him.
(I thought this intersection was funny because those signs imply some sort of picturesque Dutch landscape. Instead, just more high desert.) 

4. We made it to a new place with all of our stuff and all of the people in tact!

(yes, we now call that weather pattern "wind Tussies")