Day 34: Seattle

by Kate Djupe

The last time we were in Seattle, the light rail was being built. When we drove into Seattle and saw the train moving down the track, we knew just how we would be travelling around this town.

So this morning, we tried to figure out the Orca pass system (it seems to be at least partly on the honor system. Since I am an honorable girl, I was annoyed at how unstructured the paying ended up being; I think everyone needed to have their own pass at $5 a pop; and there was no clear system for paying for the kids at the reduced rate. That said. I have an Orca pass with $15 remaining if any honorable person is travelling that way.) and road the light rail downtown.

Paul went to a coffee shop to finish writing syllabi and mom, the boys & I went to the aquarium.

Which means that I took photos of things in aquariums while the boys touched whatever they could get their fingers on (with permission).

And the boys and I got painted.

Even Bear (who does not like the face painting at all) got an octopus with the promise that I would get the exact same thing.

We didn't really have a plan after that. We walked the streets of Seattle and saw some things.

When the kiddos got restless and tired, we stopped for ice cream.

And when my mom got restless and tired, we stopped at a pier for some water views.

Which was also conveniently located near a carousel.

A train ride back to the hotel, a meal of amazing tomatoes and bread, more packing and bedtime for everyone.