Day 38: 2 ferries and 125 miles, again, in reverse

by Kate Djupe

It is time to get back to Seattle so that Paul can start conferencing. We spent the day driving and riding ferries so that we would make it back in time for dinner and his first business meeting.

Not a bad day of travelling.

We ate an average sort of dinner in Seattle (that inspired me to figure out a vegetarian reuben that doesn't include Field Roast) before the boys and I walked back to our hotel. Alone.

We did so well that I offered to buy the boys cupcakes and Bear politely declined with a "I'd rather get a tattoo."

So I was impressed by the boys and by me. So were the tourists that asked me (while carrying Gusty on my back and Bear on the front and a box of cupcakes in my hand) if I was Russian. Um.

I hear that Paul's meeting went well. Tomorrow is a full day of the boys and I, alone in Seattle, for the full day. Did I mention that we would be alone? All day? In Seattle? A full day alone?