Day 4: Paul's 68 miles on a bike; the rest of us went <1; Boulder, CO

by Kate Djupe

While Paul was riding a bike UP a mountain with our friend, Callie, the boys and I headed up into the mountains to explore places like the Boulder Sunrise Ampitheater (the site of many a wedding ceremony)

I should mention that the weather has been perfect for our outings. 77 and sunny today; some storms in the afternoon; cool in the evenings. No air conditioning feels awfully nice.

and a little bit further up, the Lost Gulch lookout.

(that is Gusto pointing to our hiking destination for tomorrow)

We discovered that he thinks of pinecones in much the same way that he thinks of flowers. He wants to pick them all and give them as loving gifts.

We discovered that Bear loves to climb rocks and Gusty prefers to think of them as trucks he can drive.

After we came down from the mountain, we met up with Paul and the Massa for lunch at LarkBurger. A sobbing, crying mess of a Bear and I sat in the hallway outside of the bathroom for most of the meal so that he could catch a breath and stop crying. Self portrait:

While Massa and Paul headed off to the University of Colorado Boulder to talk to grad students and colleagues, the kids and I took the car to the Big O tires to get some  lovely news about the state of our brakes.

After much ado and a don'ts, the kids were in bed by 530 local time (730 EST). Bear woke up 2 hours later to eat and will hopefully fall asleep very very soon. He travelled extremely well on the 2 days we spent in the car but has not adjusted quite so well to this trip out of the car. Hopefully, we can settle into the flow enough that he can sleep and feel comfortable and return to Bear we all know and love.

There is a grad student willing to hold down the fort if we can just work our stuff out so if the boys stay asleep, Paul, Massa & I might sneak out to dinner tonight. 

So in summary: today we divided, Paul conquered a mountain, the boys conquered me. Tomorrow will be better.