Day 42: A different sort of road trip, 405 miles and another addition!

by Kate Djupe

It was very difficult to say goodbye to Paul and the kids at the airport this morning. When we were just in the business of checking in, checking baggage, stapling luggage tags "tickets" to the kids' specials - things were just fine. When they walked through security, I got panicky. When they waved goodbye and walked out of view, I got all teary. Oh man. That was the moment I felt more homesick then ever before - but it wasn't for home. It was for them.

I drove to the hotel full of mixed feelings and anxiety. I crawled into bed and Lori and I ended up talking in the dark for a while... until we realized we needed to repack everything and get it in the car.

The plan? Load the car, drive downtown, walk around the city and grab some goodies for the week, drive across the state to pick up Christy at the Spokane Airport and keep heading east.

What happened? Well, all of that happened just a little bit later than we had expected. I have photos from our time at the Pike Place Market and after that, I must have been too busy driving and talking. 

Enough talking...