Day 47: Saying goodbye to a friend, saying hello to an officer and 593 miles in 4 states

by Kate Djupe

This morning, with heavy hearts and droopy eyelids, we dropped Christy off at the airport. 

And then with a heavy foot, we pulled off the longest day of uninspired driving ever. And got a speeding ticket. And ate some cheese. And accidentally drove through the Wisconsin Dells - not the pretty part, but the motel water park hell part. And finally got to Chicago. And drove around for 1.25 hours looking for a parking spot for our beast. And walked a really awesome dog. And collapsed in a heap in the lovely apartment of our dear family. 

But first, we ate doughnuts and chocolate milk at an observatory in a state park that has the best information about why prairies matter. I had been here once before, years ago, with my love.

And you are just going to have to believe me about everything else. I don't have any other pictures from the day. I was too busy driving and chatting and singing and adjusting to traffic and people and shiny things.

A big thank you to Lori, Mumford & Sons, Adele and Dolly Parton for getting me through.