Day 6: Hiking in the Rockies, take 2

by Kate Djupe

We stopped by the Boulder Farmers' Market for breakfast - pupusas and dumplings were delicious - before heading back to the Rockies for some kid speed hikes. Today's destination was Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Emerald Lake.

First, there was the bus ride. Gusty was adorable with his smiled and Bear asked for some independence (he sat alone in a different part of the bus for about 5 minutes)

Also - this is how Gusty wants to hold hands now.

Then there was the hiking.

And the wading in mountain lakes (super cold water).

And the tree hugging

A snack break at Emerald Lake.

Bear's favorite part was the snow. He liked to "help process the snow" (make it melt).

Paul was happy to take control of the camera. 

We heated up the kitchen with some of Paul's bahn mi for our last dinner in Boulder and baking fresh pretzels for tomorrow's car ride.