Day 7: 643 miles and 2 states

by Kate Djupe

I attempted to pack up everything we brought with us while all of the guys (Master included) played baseball. We brought a lot of stuff. It took hours longer than I expected. We finally bid our friend, Anand, goodbye and hit the road at 1:30pm. Egads.

Wyoming is where the sky gets big.  

The clouds go all hi-def.
The views extend for 80 miles in every direction. The weather in that range is fascinating to watch. 

 The travellers go a little crazy. 

The gas stations sell Texas souvenirs (look at a map, please, and explain this one to me). 

And these.

And then the skies get bigger. The mountains higher. At one point, there were mountains about 300 degrees around us.

That was the same point where I saw that my baby could prop his foot on the seat in front of him in order to sleep more comfortably. He is so tall.

Back to those mountains...

The taller snowier Tetons were still to come...

(These photos were taken through the car window, from the side of the road (kid pee breaks) or in some weird WY gas station)

We set up camp at Yellowstone at 1230am.