Day 8: The land that I fell in love with... oh, Idaho

by Kate Djupe

After we left Yellowstone (WY), we drove through Montana (for a few miles) before entering Idaho.  

I had never really thought that much about Idaho before. They grow potatoes there. 

Here is something you should know about those Idaho potatoes. This is the view that the farmer sees while he is harvesting those potatoes:

Those are mountains past those rolling hills.

And mountains being hugged by clouds:

I have never wanted to be a potato farmer so badly. I thought it couldn't get any more jealousy inducing until we pulled into the driveway of our friends. This is the view from the driveway:

Those are snow capped Tetons across the valley. That was not taken with a zoom lens.

If you think that it cannot get any more beautiful, meet one of our hosts: 

That is Huck. He is funny and smart and interesting and incredibly lucky.

Ten minutes after we got out of the car, Bear had made friends with Taxi.

And Gusty had found a bike (with mountains right behind him!)

Huck showed the kids the lay of the land - well, the garden.

And before we fell asleep, Paul took a photo of a double rainbow in front of the Tetons from the balcony.
I cannot even begin to describe the calm I feel. How happy this place and these people make me.